The Best Twitter Reactions to the New Changes to Church Meetings


With the exciting announcement about the new home-centered curriculum and changes to church meetings, we wanted to join in the social celebrations by sharing these best tweets:

Elder Cook: come follow me for families and individuals. Changes to church program is to help increase our conversion to Jesus Christ. #generalconference — James Valentine (@ValentineJames) October 6, 2018
President Nelson to the other General Authorities...#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 6, 2018
#generalconference ITS HAPPENING — The Sunday Pews (@TheSundayPews) October 6, 2018
Literally every member of the church right now #generalconference — LDS_SMILE (@ldssmile) October 6, 2018
"[Gospel] lessons taught through the traditions we establish in our homes, though small and simple, are increasingly important in today’s world." —Steven R. Bangerter #GeneralConference — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (@LDSchurch) October 6, 2018
The Church is definitely putting more and more emphasis on personal revelation and individual study of the gospel. It’s on each of us to draw near to Jesus Christ without being culturally compelled to do so via more church meetings. #GeneralConference — Natalie Ipson (@Nmtrippy) October 6, 2018
Out here looking at this new schedule like #GeneralConference — Janahhhhhhhhn 🎃 (@jananamirah) October 6, 2018
Me Talking to My Future Grandkids: "We used to go to Church for 3 hours." My Grandkids: #GeneralConference — Austin Jones (@austinpjones91) October 6, 2018
I am so excited for the new Come Follow Me manual. I know I’m supposed to study my scriptures but I never know how. I’m excited for something that will help guide my study #generalconference — Shelby Hintze (@shelbs25) October 6, 2018
The last time I felt this excited Donovan Mitchell scored 22 points in the 3rd quarter of a close-out playoff game against the Thunder. 😱 #TakeNote #GeneralConference #LdsConf #GenConf — Spencer Cox (@SpencerJCox) October 6, 2018
Current mood after what Elder Cook announced: #ldsconf #GeneralConference — Dinah-Rose Oberes (@dinahroseohh) October 6, 2018
President Nelson to the 3 hour block...#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 6, 2018

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