The Crosbys and the Shaws: Daddy-daughter duos will warm your heart with new Christmas video

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YouTube screenshot.

If you love Christmas and the sweetness of singing daddy-daughter duos, this video is for you. Claire and Dave Crosby sat down with Mat and Savanna Shaw in a cozy Christmas cabin to sing an arrangement of “The Christmas Song.” Dave Crosby strums a calming tune on the guitar as his daughter begins to sing beside him. A Christmas tree with twinkling lights sits behind them, giving a charming glow to the scene. Mat and Savanna soon join in the singing to create beautiful harmonies.

The video is just in time to bring the Christmas spirit to people around the world. On YouTube Susan Lowe said, “This was absolutely stunning! The voices of angels!!! Thank you for warming all of our hearts with your talent and love!”

And Knitty AD said, “OK you’ve done it guys—I haven’t felt very Christmassy at all this year, and then I saw this, and I feel so much better. Thank you!”

Mat and Savanna Shaw commented on the video, “So honored to be able to sing with our favorites! It was so fun! #doubledaddydaughterduo 🙌🏻”

Watch the full video below.

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