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The Day We Celebrated My Son Not Getting Baptized


What an unexpected and touching story that shows not all Latter-day Saints walk the same path, but all are loved and can make their way back to our Heavenly Father.

A high pitched squeal of laughter pierces the otherwise reverent sacrament meeting as my son, Cohen, races at full speed towards the stand. My husband’s feet are heavy and loud as he sprints after him. Besides a few suppressed smiles, barely anyone reacts; maybe they don’t even notice anymore as this is a normal occurrence several times each and every week.

Cohen has autism. He has very limited verbal skills and practically zero impulse control. Yet there is a joy that resonates off of him. So while he is creating mischief and messes, you can’t help but smile at him. His body may be eight years old, but his mind is closer to that of a toddler.

During the months before his eighth birthday, my husband and I began to discuss something we never thought we would question. Should we baptize our son? We were both returned missionaries, married in the temple, and faithful church members. Our oldest son had been baptized. It seemed unnatural for us to not baptize Cohen.

Lead image from the Liahona Project.
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