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The first new hymns are out. Find them here

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Thirteen songs for the Church’s long-awaited new hymnbook are here.

The May 30 release includes nine “Sabbath and Weekday” hymns and four “Easter and Christmas” hymns.

The new song list includes:

These first 13 hymns are a beautiful variety of old and new, with some songs whose text and music date back to the 1700s and new songs like “When the Savior Comes Again,” with text and music credits as recent as 2019.

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Some of the new arrangements also include guitar capo sheet music as well.

You can find vocal recordings, sheet music, and lyrics to each of the new hymnbook songs in the Church’s Music Library, available here.

More information about the new collection of hymns is also available online, as well as a video on how wards and branches can utilize the new songs that have been released digitally, on the Church’s website here.

A forthcoming new hymnbook was first announced in June 2018, which aims to combine the hymns and “Children’s Songbook” to better unify Church members and worship. The new collection will be titled “Hymns—For Home and Church.”

Small batches of new music will continue to be published digitally every few months in preparation for the full hymnbook release, currently expected in print and digital formats by the end of 2026 in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. The hymnbook is anticipated to be available in 50 languages by the end of 2030.

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