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The Purpose of the New Aaronic Priesthood Theme and How It Unites Young Men Worldwide


The words of the Aaronic Priesthood quorum theme can help us understand and remember who we are and why we are here and help us walk the covenant path. The words can also help us understand that each day is part of the journey of improving as we strive to do better and be better than ever before. For truly, we are sons of a Father in Heaven who knows and loves us. 

During a general conference leadership meeting a few years ago, a question was asked about how to help members [young men] who struggle with personal challenges. Then-Elder Nelson gave a simple but profound answer: “Teach them their identity and purpose.”

When we find ourselves in a moment of temptation or we’re feeling down, we can take a step back and think of the words of this theme. These words are powerful, and they can lift us to a higher and holier place. Whether we’re at home, at school, with our friends, or at work, we can draw on the words of this theme to help us make the right decisions and bring the Spirit into our lives. 

Story by Young Men general presidency and board; Lead image from Intellectual, Inc.

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