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The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Respond to Misconceptions About Their Calling


“Being called as an Apostle is not an accomplishment or achievement,” explained Elder Dale G. Renlund, disproving a misconception about his role as an apostle. “It’s not a calling that is earned."

"Shepherds and witnesses"

There are perceptions that the Church is corporate and institutional, said Elder D. Todd Christofferson.

“There is a misconception that we come out of a professional and business life and we are basically corporate-style leaders,” he said. “In reality, we are shepherds and witnesses. We draw upon our past experiences and any skills and talents we developed, but that's not the focus. The focus is on what the Lord wants and how He wants us to do that.”

In the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles there are no factions, lobbying or power centers, said Elder Neil L. Andersen. There are “differing opinions,” but “there are no egos.”

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