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The Scripture That Saved My Son's Baptism Day


What an amazing story!

The Sunday before the baptism, we searched the church closet to find a white jumper small enough to fit my short-in-stature child. (My husband already had his own, which was good, as the church didn’t have his size.)

For the rest of the week, my soon-to-be eight-year-old would proclaim, “I can’t wait to be baptized! I’ve waited so long, and I wish today was the day!”

Before we knew it, his wish had come true. The day had arrived!

Going over the checklist in my mind, I remembered that it would be nice if my son’s, as well as my husband’s, white clothes were ironed. The little one was easy. I only had the big one to go. However, when I grabbed the bag where his clothes are normally kept, the clothes I was looking for were missing!

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