The Ultimate Missionary Guide

The Ultimate Missionary Guide

For Future Missionaries:

The Best Advice for Missionaries from LDS Living Readers

What's Life Like at the MTC?

2 Important Skills Your Teen Needs Before Serving a Mission

5 Things Every Future Missionary (and Their Parents) Needs to Know

Elder Christofferson Answers How Missionaries Are Assigned to Their Missions

Helping Your Future Missionary Get Physically Ready to Serve in the Field

3 Things No One Tells You About Serving a Mission

9 Bags Perfect for Your Missionary

What I Would Do Differently If I Could Serve My Mission Again

99 Crazy Foods Missionaries Eat

Q&A with an Online Proselyting Missionary

How to Help Prepare Your Missionary for the Field

For Future Senior Missionaries:

8 Tips for Preparing for a Senior Couples Mission

7 Common Misconceptions about Senior Missions

For Current Missionaries:

5 Talks That Helped Me on My Mission (And Could Help Your Missionary, Too)

The One Secret to Serving a Successful Mission: Insights from a Mission President

8 Things Successful Missionaries Do

The Parts of Missionary Work We Usually Don't Talk About & Why We Need to

3 Reasons the First Vision Will Help You Talk About the Gospel

For Sister Missionaries:

Do Sisters Feel Pressure to Serve Missions?

Video: Twin Sisters Open Mission Calls to the Same Country on the Same Day

10 Things Girls Who Aren't Serving Missions Wish You Knew

For Returned Missionaries:

10 RMs Offer Advice on Getting Past the 'Awkward Phase'

How to Help Your RM Adjust to Being Home

5 Things Returned Sister Missionaries Need to Know

How to Adjust from Preach My Gospel to Live My Gospel

12 Powerful Habits for Success After the Mission

How a Second Language & Other Skills Missionaries Learn Might Make Them More Attractive and Successful

Counsel from Elder Holland Every Returned Missionary Needs to Hear

Watch: Hilarious Video Shows the Awkward Transition from Full-Time Missionary to RM

For Early Returned Missionaries:

A Missionary Mom's Perspective When Her Son Came Home Early (+10 Lessons Learned)

When a Missionary Returns Early

14 Early-Returned Missionaries Inspire Others With 'Brave' Music Video

A Video About Early Returned Missionaries Every Member Needs to See & Understand

For Friends and Family:

20 Things Your Missionary Will Want Before Hitting the Mission Field

Missionary Lingo: The Ultimate Guide

5 Questions Your Missionary Might Write Home With (+ Answers from the Scriptures)

How to Help Prepare Your Missionary for the Field

5 Questions Your RM will be Surprised You Thought to Ask

Christmas Gift Ideas for Missionaries

5 Homemade Gifts Your Missionary Will Love

3 Things Parents of Returned Missionaries Should Never Forget to Do

Fun 2-Minute Video Shares 3 Ways to Support Your Returned Missionary

For Member Missionaries:

President Monson Shares Message All Missionaries and Member Missionaries Should Read

3 Ways to Avoid Offending People When Sharing the Gospel

8 Conversation Pieces that Make Member Missionary Work a Breeze

8 Unique (and Painless) Ways to Share the Gospel Online

What It's Like to Feed the Missionaries

20 Ideas for Feeding Hungry Missionaries

Missionary Fun:

Missionary Teaches Kangaroos About Book of Mormon in a Way All RMs Can Totally Relate to

These RMs Struggle to Speak the Language After 15+ Years—but Still Do One Thing Flawlessly

Missionary Recreates Dad’s Mission Pictures from 28 Years Ago

New Video Shows 120 Years of Sister Missionary Fashion in 3 Minutes

Missionaries Rap First Discussion in This Inspiring, Fun Video

What Do Missionaries Do All Day? Primary Kids Explain in (Adorable) New Video

LDS Missionaries Tract Home of Twenty One Pilots' Drummer's Mother

13 People You Might Confuse Missionaries with Now That They Can Wear Sunglasses

Caught on Video: Parrot Attacks Unsuspecting Missionaries

Our Favorite Viral Missionary Videos of All Time

Hilarious Video: "Dude, I Switched Your Mission Call"

Missionary Surprises Mom With Homecoming on Her Birthday

5 Famous Mormons Who Served Missions (& Where)

5 More Famous Returned Missionaries (& Where They Served)

11 Times Missionaries Got Up Close and Personal with Wildlife (Photos)

Young Man Surprised His Whole Family By Reading a Mission Call They Never Even Knew About

Star of 'Super Size Me' Shadows Missionaries for a Day on CNN

Missionary Parody of 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz

TV Host Runs into Missionaries During 'Only Say Yes' Experiment

Missionary Takes Photo of Himself Smiling Every Day on Mission

Future Missionary Creates Unique Video to Tell Friends Why She is Serving

Missionary Cover of "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission"


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