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Let these verses remind you: whatever you need this Easter season, you can find it in Jesus

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Busy week? Me too. LDS Living is here to catch you up and get you ready for discussions on Sunday. Here’s a nugget of wisdom from this week’s Come, Follow Me study focused on Easter.

Twice a year, the Come, Follow Me curriculum takes a break from the cover-to-cover reading of the standard works to give attention to the two miraculous holidays of Christianity: Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Our Sunday church services are special on these days, and our gospel study during the week should be, too. So let’s dive in together to some Easter Sunday prep with Sunday on Monday.

The Atonement Covers All

There’s a quote from the prophet President Russell M. Nelson that can guide how we view Christ’s Atonement in a new light:

Rich meaning is found in study of the word atonement in the Semitic languages of Old Testament times. In Hebrew, the basic word for atonement is kaphar, a verb that means “to cover” or “to forgive.” Closely related is the Aramaic and Arabic word kafat, meaning “a close embrace”—no doubt related to the Egyptian ritual embrace. References to that embrace are evident in the Book of Mormon. One states that “the Lord hath redeemed my soul … ; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.” Another proffers the glorious hope of our being “clasped in the arms of Jesus.”

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On the podcast, we heard five unique stories of how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can specifically act as a covering for us, and how we can feel encircled or clasped in the arms of Christ.

Adding the word infinite before talking about the Atonement of Christ can be a reminder of just how much it covers for us. It’s for everything and more. It has cleansing power, healing power, perfecting power, comforting power, and everything-we-need-right-now power. We can gain new context from old scriptures when we read them with new perspective and the Atonement of Christ can be seen with fresh eyes, too. Whatever kind of covering you need now, you can find it in Jesus.

Do you need a friend to cover your tab after a night of spending? Christ covers our debts (see Colossians 2:14, Matthew 18:23-35). Do you need cover when in the line of fire? Christ runs cover for us (see Mosiah 15:5-9, 1 Peter 4:1-2). Do you need to cover a hole or gap, maybe in your understanding? Christ can cover that up (see Alma 7:11 and “He Heals the Heavy Laden” by Dallin H. Oaks). Or do you just need someone to cover you with a warm blanket when things get cold and rough? Christ brings those comforting covers from His bed to yours (see Alma 5:7-14, John 16:33, 2 Corinthians 1:3-5).

In preparing for Easter Sunday, the Come, Follow Me manual allows us to look at the scriptures differently—studying a topic instead of reading a book. And when that topic is Christ and what He did for us, that’s always a good study break to take.

So that was my takeaway this week. To hear more takeaways from other Latter-day Saints on this block of scripture, join our study group on Facebook and Instagram.

Sunday on Monday is a Come, Follow Me podcast hosted by Tammy Uzelac Hall that is released every Monday to guide you through the scripture readings for the week. This week covers the atonement of Christ in preparation for Easter Sunday and our podcast guests were Brother Jan E. Newman, Crystaleen Harris, Ronell Hugh, Juli Woodward, and Jim Hall. You can listen to full episodes on Deseret Bookshelf Plus and find out more at

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