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This Week from the Pulpit: New #HearHim Video from President Bingham


Editor's note: "This Week from the Pulpit" highlights recent messages by General Authorities and General Officers of the Church. 

The words from the pulpit this week bring to mind a truth taught in Helaman 3. Verse 34 explains that the people were wading “through much affliction.” Knowing that, the next verse may come as a bit of a surprise: “Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling of their souls with joy and consolation . . . .”

As the world wades through affliction, Church leaders remind Latter-day Saints to use this time as an opportunity to build and strengthen their testimonies, rather than tear them down. Elder Uchtdorf testifies that living the gospel has prepared members for an experience such as this, and Sister Eubankprovides evidence by highlighting member’s service efforts in Mozambique. Elder Curtis of the Seventy compares a testimony to a lasagna that must receive receive layer after layer. In a new video, President Bingham reflects on the beginnings of her testimony and than later shares how a deeper understanding of how priesthood power strengthens her today.

New “Hear Him” Video and Article on Women and the Priesthood from President Bingham

In a continuation of the #HearHim video series, President Bingham shares an important moment in her journey to understand what the Spirit feels like. In her hometown ward in Minnesota, then 12-year-old President Bingham stood up with shaking knees and a pounding heart to share her testimony.

“I felt so warm, so good, so affirmed that Heavenly Father loved me in doing that. So that was probably one of the first times I realized, that for me, one of the ways that I feel the Spirit and I hear His voice, is that warm assurance that I’m doing the right thing,” says President Bingham.

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How I #HearHim: Sister Jean B. Bingham

As part of the “Women of Covenant” series, President Bingham also wrote this week how understanding priesthood power has helped her appreciate the Spirit’s voice. She encouraged sisters to follow President Nelson’s plea for women to “study prayerfully about priesthood power.” Of her own experience following the prophet’s instructions, Sister Bingham says,

“The more I’ve learned about priesthood power through personal study and experience, the more I understand how relevant it is to all facets of our lives. Priesthood power helps us receive revelation for our daily challenges.”

President Bingham then emphasizes how priesthood power is best used when members work interdependently with one another. Men and women do not need to compete with each other because all gifts and talents are needed in the Lord’s work. President Bingham says,

“Women don’t need to wait for someone to tell them what to do with their gifts, talents and power. We have the ability to receive revelation for ourselves. We shouldn’t wait to be acted upon; we need to have the courage to act on the revelation that we receive."

Read the rest of the article at Church News.

Elder Curtis LDSBC Devotional

Elder Curtis comparing building a testimony to lasagna makes more sense when you know he served as a mission president in Italy. 

“Our testimony grows as we add layer after layer of spiritual experiences,” says Elder Curtis.

In place of the cheese, noodles, and sauce that goes into a lasagna, Elder Curtis shared a few simple ways members can add layers to their testimonies. Included on that list was a study of Church history. He then gave four tips for studying history in a productive way.

“1. Get your Church history from reliable sources.

2. Don’t expect perfection in Church leaders and members.

3. Make sure that you learn enough Church history — 'context is everything.'

4. Be patient and exercise faith.”

Read a summary of his remarks at Church News.

Elder and Sister Johnson BYU-I Devotional

Elder Johnson went on mission to Alabama just a year after he was baptized. While there, he encountered information about past Church policies and practices that troubled him.

“This lack of understanding led to self-doubts and worries. As a result, I was resisting to become the kind of missionary the Lord needed in Alabama because I was struggling to understand my place in the gospel plan,” says Elder Johnson.

Young Elder Johnson struggled with his questions and eventually knelt and prayed aloud for help. Though he had never studied it before, Doctrine and Covenants 6:21-23 came to Elder Johnson’s mind, shoring up his testimony and bringing him needed reassurance.

Sister Johnson added, “When we seek to hear our Savior and come to know how He speaks to us, we begin to feel the reassurance that we are following His path and feel the peace that we are going the right way.”

Read a summary of Elder and Sister Johnson's remarks at Church News.

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