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This Week from the Pulpit: New Heartwarming Animated Children's Video Shows How to "Remember Him"


Editor's note: "This Week from the Pulpit" highlights recent messages by General Authorities and General Officers of the Church.

After another week of church and temple closures, General Authorities and General Officers seem to all be asking Latter-day Saints for one thing: remembrance. Elder David A. Bednar asks us to remember that the “Lord is still aware of our circumstances and our situations at home.” Elder Quentin L. Cook calls recent events a “spiritual alarm clock” to help us remember what matters most. And although access to the sacrament may be limited to some right now, President Henry B. Eyring reminds us of the sacred prayer to “always remember Him.”  

President Joy D. Jones, Primary General President, shared a new animated children's video that provides an entertaining and heartwarming example of what it looks like to "always remember Him." In the video, remembering baptismal covenants helps a young boy forgive a friend and feel the spirit.

In addition, a worldwide devotional for young adults was held with Elder Robert C. Gay of the Presidency of Seventy and his wife Sister Lynette Gay. Sister Gay powerfully reminds Latter-day Saints that “we may not fully see or comprehend what may be swirling towards us. . . but we can be confident in our daily journey if we ‘hear Him.’” Elder Gay counseled young adults to remember the Lord daily to see “life’s reality clearly.”

May reviewing the messages from the pulpit this week help remind members of the Church not only what they need to do, but more importantly what the Lord has already done, and what they can trust Him to do in the uncertain weeks ahead. 

President Jones Shares New Children's Video About Forgiveness and Staying on the Covenant Path

Worldwide Young Adult Devotional with Elder and Sister Gay

"You really don't get it," an Apostle once firmly told Elder Gay. The Apostle had extended a call to serve as mission president and companion, but after considering the current busyness of their lives, the Gays had politely declined. Elder Gay went on to share that the Apostle told him next: 

"The Lord is calling you to save your life. You are either going to live your life by covenant or convenience. There is never a convenient time to serve. This is a matter of faith. You either believe that the Lord will bless your life with the blessings you need as you do His priorities, or you don’t."

Elder Gay said he was stunned by the response. He and his wife ultimately decided to accept the call to serve, which set them on the path to live an increasingly covenant life. Elder Gay assured young adults of the blessings his family has seen as a result of that choice and reminded them that living a covenant life is a process and not a one-time event.

Sister Gay shared her love and trust in the Savior, and reminded listeners, "Don’t let your doubts, your fears or those things that keep you up at night turn you away from the protection and power of the Holy Ghost and promises of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Read a summary of their remarks at Church News or watch the full devotional at

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May 2020 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with Elder and Sister Gay

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