This Week From the Pulpit: President Nelson Thanks All for Fasting, Apostle Shares a Downloadable Game for Your Family


Editor's note: "This Week from the Pulpit" highlights recent messages by General Authorities and General Officers of the Church. 

Want to review all of last weekend’s conference but don’t know where to begin? No need to stress! Elder Andersen and his family created a game that allows your entire family to review and share impressions from general conference.

The game is set up Jeopardy! style and the rules are pretty simple: gather your family, play the game, and have fun! Okay, there are more rules than that, but don’t be surprised if your kids want to do this for every family home evening.

President Nelson and other Church leaders also posted to Facebook messages of gratitude for all who fasted on Good Friday. Here are a few summaries of their messages shared this week.

President Russell M. Nelson 

In a Facebook post on Easter Sunday, President Russell M. Nelson reminded all of the importance of this day. President Nelson invited all to “find joy in one of the most significant of all scriptural phrases: ‘He is not here: for He is risen’” (Matthew 28:6).

President Nelson explained that this scripture was given by angelic messengers near Christ’s tomb and this proclamation “declared that the Lord Jesus Christ had overcome death through His Atonement and Resurrection.”

President Nelson also encouraged us to “look for ways to share your testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ.” He continued, “Despite our current circumstances, we can still share the joyful news that He lives!”


President Nelson also posted an expression of gratitude on Facebook. President Nelson wished to thank all who participated in the recent fasts for relief from the effects of COVID-19.

Many participated in the fast, including those of other faiths. “I was humbled to learn of friends from many faiths all over the world who joined with us to appeal for relief,” President Nelson wrote.

President Nelson explained that fasting reminds him of the “supreme sacrifice that our Savior, Jesus Christ, made for each of us.” He continued, “As we look forward to a recovery from this worldwide pandemic, I pray that we will find a stronger relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is our Master Healer.”

President Nelson concluded his post with these comforting words, “Thanks to Jesus Christ, no condition is hopeless. Thanks to Him, brighter days are ahead, both here and hereafter. #HearHim”


Elder Neil L. Andersen 

In a recent Facebook post, Elder Andersen explained that every year he and his family play an online game to help remember some of the important teachings from conference. The game is divided into categories of conference sessions, so your family will be able to review all the messages.

Elder Andersen explained that because we all are spending more time at home, this game might be a fun way to connect with our families and remember some of the messages delivered at conference.

Elder Andersen’s post contains the link to the online game and instructions on how to play the game.

Elder Andersen concluded his post with these meaningful instructions, “Throughout the game, and especially at the end, share your thoughts and talk about what specific things you will do to follow the counsel that was given.”


President Jean B. Bingham, LDSBC Commencement 

Unfortunately for many seniors, graduation has been postponed or canceled due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. However, LDSBC did not want their graduating class to miss the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. LDSBC held a virtual ceremony to congratulate the seniors, at which President Jean B. Bingham spoke.

Church News reported that President Bingham spoke to the students about how they can walk in the Savior’s way. “Even though you are not able to ‘walk’ in the traditional sense on graduation day, please consider that there are many ways to walk—but none more important than the Savior’s way,” President Jean B. Bingham said.

President Bingham expanded on the idea of walking with the Savior and on his path. Walking with the Savior gives us the opportunity to grow and become like Him—even when the path becomes challenging.

President Bingham encouraged students to keep persevering on the Lord’s righteous path. “As we keep putting one foot in front of the other with faith in Jesus Christ, we will feel peace as we accomplish our goals and fulfill our divine potential.”


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Lead image from Elder Neil L. Andersen's Facebook Post
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