Touching Church Music Video Shows "What Family Means to Me"


In a new music video featured on the Mutual Album and shared by the Ensign and The Friend, singer Jaeden Vaifanua released a heartwarming song about what family means to her.

Vaifanua knows family is more than “wedding bells” and “mortgage loans,” “It’s so much more than just the basic things. It’s all that happens in between.”

Vaifanua says she started writing “What Family Means to Me” by writing down stuff about her family. The Friend, shared the music video on Facebook and asked their readers, “What does family mean to YOU?” Some responses included:

“There’s a lot of stuff in my song that I really loved that is special to me about my family about stuff that we do,” Vaifanua says. “I spend a lot of time with my family, and that’s a super special thing.”

Throughout the whole song, Vaifanua sings about the little things her family does together. She said her favorite line is very personal to her family and “paints a picture.” “Road-trip driving ‘til the break of dawn/ off-key singing to our favorite songs.”

“That’s my favorite part because it paints a picture of my family,” she says. “We travel a lot, and every time I sing it, I just think of us and having jam sessions in the car and just being with my brothers and sisters. I love it.”

Vaifanua said a majority of her family is musical and while she was growing up her family would often have talent shows, ending with a hymn.

Her family is half Samoan, and she says, “Usually we sang 'Love at Home,' first in English and then in Samoan. It’s like the theme song for our family, and I always feel the Spirit when we sing it together.”

Watch the video below or on Facebook.

Lead image a screenshot from video
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