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Two Things You Need to Check When Buying Food Storage


Food storage: we all know we need it, but how did it get so complicated? With all the options on the market, it’s hard to know who to trust and what food is the best for your loved ones. But here are a few tips that might help you get your food storage ready.

Check the Labels

The most important part of shopping for food storage is reading your labels. Make sure you know what’s in your food, look for things like “soy” or “hydrogenated oils.” If you see these you know your food has a much lower shelf life.  Also, look into the packages your getting; does it come with fillers or orange drink? You know right away that you will not be getting as much food as you thought when you see that product in your kits. You need a company that only offers the best quality food to protect your family.

Check the Packaging

Another thing to look for is packaging; this is crucial to long-term food storage because if your packaging fails your food will spoil long before its shelf date. A few things I like to look for is the quality of the bag itself. Is it flimsy and does it fold easily? That’s a bad sign.

Look for solid, quality bags at least 5 mm thick so it will stand the test of time. I also really like the resealable option so you can use a little at a time and still seal off your food.

The next thing to look for when it comes to packaging is how the provider is eliminating oxygen from the food. This will again provide the product a long shelf life as well as keep it fresh. If the company only provides an oxygen eliminating pack in its product, that’s really not enough to keep the food fresh.

This is why we started Valley Food Storage, we are committed to our customers and we promise to provide the best tasting, healthiest natural food storage option with a money back guarantee. All of our kits and food are totally customizable. By using only the highest quality ingredients in our food, we have eliminated the need for hydrogenated oils, MSG, and the other harmful preservatives found in most food storage today. 

With this delicious flavor even your mother won’t believe this isn’t a home cooked meal!

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