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U.S. Senator Pays Tribute to Elder Hales on Senate Floor: "He Was One of the Most Worthwhile People I've Ever Met"


Thanks to Deseret News for making us aware of this video.

Sen. Orrin Hatch paid tribute to Elder Hales on the Senate floor Monday, spending several minutes to share moments from the apostle's life.

Sen. Hatch paid tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and their families, "Our hearts are with all of you, so are our prayers," he shared. "We love you, we stand by you today, and we ask that God stand by you always."

Then, addressing the president, Sen. Hatch also mentioned the passing of Elder Hales, "a close friend that I will miss dearly," he said. 

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Senator Hatch pays Tribute to Las Vegas Victims, Elder Robert D. Hales

Sen. Hatch then shared highlights of Elder Hales' life, including his childhood, his love of baseball, his marriage in the Salt Lake Temple, his service in the Air Force—where he adopted the motto "return with honor."

"Return with honor would become the credo by which Elder Hales would live his life, expending every effort as a faith leader, father, and friend to better himself, bless others, and build the kingdom of God," Sen. Hatch shared on Monday. "Yesterday afternoon after decades of dedicated service as a minister of Jesus Christ, he completed his mortal mission and returned to his heavenly home. The challenge he leaves behind is for us to do the same."

Calling Elder Hales a "model of selfless service," Sen. Hatch also shared his life of service to the Church, taking challenging callings despite heavy college course loads or even leaving his business career behind to be a mission president and later an apostle. 

"I knew him very well, played golf with him, thought he was one of the greatest men in my life," Sen. Hatch shared. "And I want to pay tribute to him and his family here to today in front of the whole United Senate and the country. He was one of the most worthwhile people I've ever met, and we're going to miss him."

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