VidAngel Launching New Live Clean Comedy Specials


Despite fighting an ongoing lawsuit filed by Warner Bros, Disney, LucasFilm, and 20th Century Fox, VidAngel is moving forward with plans to expand its business.

In December 2016, the company announced the launch of VidAngel Studios, which will provide families with clean, original content. "Beginning in 2017, we’ll offer original family-friendly content, with technical innovations that will provide a unique experience," CEO Neal Harmon announced in a press conference.

But recently, the company announced another new market they are planning to tap into: clean, live comedy.

In a recent Facebook event, the Harmon Brother's announced, "“VidAngel Studios is proud to present Dry Bar Comedy, Utah’s hottest new comedy club! We will be hosting and filming live comedy specials,” according to

The comedy club, located in downtown Provo, already has a solid lineup of comedians whose shows will be taped and later shared on VidAngel.

This weekend, Aaron Woodall and Heath Harmison will be featured at Dry Bar Comedy, followed by Keith Stubbs and Drew Allen, Brad Stine, Kermet Apio, Don Friesen, and Brad Upton.

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