Video: David Archuleta puts serious soul into new upbeat song ‘I Know He Lives’


Right on the heels of his beautiful collaboration with BYU Vocal Point, David Archuleta has released another new music video to add to your Easter celebrations. Archuleta’s song “I Know He Lives” has the spirit and message of a hymn, but a beat that will make you want to listen to it any day of the week.

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David Archuleta - I Know He Lives

When Archuleta released the track for the new song on Thursday, March 25, he explained on Twitter, “I’ve performed this one live before, but I’ve never recorded it in the studio . . . until now. Can’t wait for y’all to hear it!”

Archuleta’s lyrics testify of Christ’s Resurrection: 

“I don’t have to see Him / I don’t have to touch His hands / To know that those nails pierced through / Mmh to save a sinful man / I don’t have to be there / Don’t have to roll the stone away / To know that He rose from the dead / To overcome the grave.”

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