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"Washington Post" Features Latter-day Saints Who Lift Woman with MS Into Bed Every Night


The Washington Post recently featured a touching story of how ward members help one of their neighbors into bed every single night. In 2015, the Mormon Channel created a video about Kathy Felt and all those who are helping to lift her:

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Lift: The Power of Service

Kathy Felt had dreaded the moment for years. Then one day, it arrived: Her multiple sclerosis had progressed to the point that she was no longer able to pivot from her wheelchair into bed.

Frustrated and worried, Felt called one of her two grown sons to come over to her home in Sandy, Utah, and help lift her onto her queen-size mattress. The following morning, the other son came over to help get her out. Chad and Todd Felt were happy to help. After their parents divorced, they had grown up helping their mom clean, prepare meals and buy groceries.

“I’d taught them these life skills early on in case something happened to me,” said Felt, 66. Her own mother had succumbed to MS in 2008, “so I knew that anything could happen. But not being able to get into bed — that was a tough one.”

For two years, her sons dutifully stopped by after dinner or on their way to work in the morning to get Felt in and out of her wheelchair, but their mom could tell that it was taking a toll, even if they would never admit it. And somebody else had noticed, too.

Lead image from Keith Pugmire, retrieved from Washington Post.
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