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Watch: 3 RMs Ask Strangers in L.A. "What Is the Book of Mormon?" and Receive Powerful Responses


"What is the Book of Mormon?"

It was a question these returned missionaries wanted to ask strangers for once instead of the other way around. 

And when they took to the streets of Los Angeles as part of their film The Book of Mormon Project, they got some pretty interesting answers.

Just more than two years and nearly 155,000 views later, the responses in this video are still a little humorous at times but also continue to testify of the power and the truthfulness the Book of Mormon contains. 

“If people could really understand what the Book of Mormon is, they would cherish that book like their lives depended on it,” co-creator Jake Christensen told the Deseret News. “What we’re hoping to do with this video is ignite the spark of the importance of the Book of Mormon so both members and nonmembers will have more of a desire to read it.”

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What is the Book of Mormon?
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