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Watch: "Am I Beyond Saving?"—Former Addict and Prostitute Testifies the Savior's Love Reaches All


"What I was left with was absolute fear and terror—a loneliness on a level I didn't know existed. I didn't even feel like a human being anymore," Kelly shares of her heartbreaking story of addiction—an addiction that eventually drove her to become a prostitute.

In her moments of deepest darkness, Kelly began entertaining the idea that maybe God could help her, maybe He could provide hope and light like no one else could. "My world changed. You don't live a life like that and then have things change overnight. It took some time," she says.

In one of her moments of desperation, Kelly heard a knock on the door. Two sister missionaries were on her doorstep and wanted to share a message with her. "I needed to know that Heavenly Father loved me. Once I started to believe that—to believe that I was a child of God, that I was not the sum of my behavior, that I was not too broken and not too damaged. I was not unloveable. I was loveable and I was worth it, and He would send his missionaries to knock on the door to make me feel loved that night."

Listen to Kelly's powerful testimony of the Atonement in this powerful Mormon Channel video below:

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