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Watch: As DC Temple tours continue, Elder Bednar + Elder Gong share what media is experiencing

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As media members and dignitaries continue to tour the newly renovated Washington D.C. Temple, Elder David A. Bednar; Elder Gerrit W. Gong; and their wives, Susan Bednar and Susan Gong, have had the unique opportunity to personally lead some of these tours and have witnessed firsthand the excitement and unique feelings many visitors have experienced.

In a new video from Church News, Elder Bednar said, “We’ve had the opportunity to visit with scores of media people from all over the world. They’re interested in learning about the temple and what we do. So they’ve been very receptive, and it’s been joyful.”

Sister Bednar said, “I think people are excited to be inside. I think many of them feel something when they come in. We know that what we do in [the temple] is not secret—it’s sacred. And so to be able to talk about those sacred things as we can in the temple has been very eye-opening for everyone who has come in.”

Elder Gong, who has lived in the Washington, DC, area for more than 20 years, commented on the culmination of blessings visitors feel when they enter the temple. “Every promise God has made to His covenant people come together in the temple, and the reality of that you feel and see when you’re here.”

You can watch the full video from Church News below.

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