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Watch: Breathtaking new Vocal Point + Mat and Savanna Shaw Christmas medley may give you goosebumps

For the first time, the legendary a capella group Vocal Point has teamed up with father/daughter duo Mat and Savanna Shaw for a Christmas collaboration that will blow you away. The musical partnership led to the recent release of a new music medley, combining the Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells” with the well-known American gospel song “Wayfaring Stranger.” The unlikely song pairing, alongside Vocal Point’s gorgeous a capella harmonies and the Shaws’ powerful tones, will get any Scrooge into the Christmas spirit.

You can watch the entire music video in the player below.

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Mat and Savanna Shaw commented about the video on YouTube, “What an honor to be a part of this incredible arrangement ... with such talented vocalists! It turned out beautiful, and we are so grateful to the whole [Vocal Point] team for including us in this!”

Video editor Cody Phillips shared his behind-the-scenes experience too: “I felt honored to edit this video for Vocal Point and Mat and Savanna! They’re all artists who care about filling the world with love and light, and I could sense that from the moment I started editing. My favorite scene is when everyone turns and sings to the Savior both individually and together as one united voice.”

Fans of Mat and Savanna as well as Vocal Point chimed in, as well. Charlie Price commented, “Will I be listening to this every day until Christmas? Yes. Yes, I will.” Lauren Haas wrote, “This medley was incredible! Thanks for getting everyone in the mood for Christmas!” Cory Hagen said, “Holy cow … both individual parts sent shivers down my spine. Mat and Savannah’s combination with Vocal Point resulted in a perfect performance.”

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