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Watch: BYU-I Student's Brutally Honest Video About Pornography Addiction Sparks Crucial Conversation


Twenty-two-year-old BYU-I student Josh Peters was 11-years-old the first time he viewed pornography—and that experience led to seven years of pornography use, shame, broken relationships, addiction, and secrecy. But Peters also found healing, recovery, and a renewed faith in Heavenly Father and the Savior's Atonement. Thinking about his journey of recovery, Peters told Nate Eaton from East Idaho News, "It's helped me understand myself and understand my faith in God."

After serving a mission, Peters began realizing that his experience could provide others with renewed hope and faith. "The more I grew to understand how being chaste can help build your faith in God and help keep those relationships safe and healthy, help you with your family in the future, the more I began to realize that and believe in that, the more I began to realize why am I hiding this passion?" That's why Peters decided to share his story through a powerful slam poetry video that now has over 15,000 views, to open up in an interview with East Idaho News, and to start difficult but crucial conversations about how pornography kills love.

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