Watch BYU Noteworthy's new 'Get Happy' video and learn why they chose to postpone its release


If you are looking to put some bounce back in your step this week, BYU Noteworthy’s latest music video is the perfect place to start.

This energetic video was originally going to be released on June 5, but world events prompted the singing group to postpone their video’s release.

“Out of respect for the current situation we have decided not to move forward with the 'Get Happy' release at this time. It would be inappropriate for us to preach happiness during a time of sorrow,” BYU Noteworthy explainedon their Facebook page

They further went on to explain that the group is “united in the goal to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.” Being quiet on social media was one way the group chose to show their support.

When Noteworthy announced the new release date for the "Get Happy" video, they offered this explanation on Facebook:

“Even though we are posting something so carefree and 'happy' this week we are still committed to our group goals. We will be implementing necessary training into our program about racism, sexism, body positivity, and other necessary discussion points at bootcamp this Fall. We are grateful for the chance to have music as part of our college education, but we know that we need more than that to be great citizens and well-rounded people!”

Add some happy to your day and watch the video below.

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