Watch: Creative 21-second video by missionaries shares a powerful message


With the help of technology, flour, and a whiteboard, three elders in the California San Diego Mission shared a simple but powerful message: “Jesus loves you.”

In a video posted to Facebook, Elder Tanner Guisinger and his fellow elders flip a whiteboard with the words of their message written out in flour. The video was posted with the caption, “Short. Simple. 100% True. How do you feel Christ's love?”

The video has been viewed over 460,000 times. Fellow missionaries in the San Diego California Mission and others have responded by sharing the ways they feel Christ’s love, which include service, prayer, music, and scripture study.

Throughout the pandemic, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who serves as the chairman of the Missionary Executive Council, has related on Facebook how missionaries are using social media to share the gospel despite social distancing measures.

Last week, Elder Uchtdorf saidon Facebook, “I have learned that when missionaries focus on things they can do instead of on things they cannot do, they are amazing servants of the Lord and quite creative! Our missionaries today are finding ways to use technology to share the gospel, and by doing this they are finding joy! Happy missionaries are successful, and successful missionaries are happy. Using technology in creative and powerful ways to touch hearts and focus on our gospel message makes all the difference in today’s world.”

Lead image: Facebook screenshot
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