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Watch: David Archuleta Releases Epic New Music Video, "Up All Night," + Shares Beautiful Message in Behind-the-Scenes Video

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David Archuleta - Up All Night (Official Video)

David Archuleta recently released an epic music video for "Up All Night," a song from his new EP entitled Orion. He also released a behind-the-scenes video in which he discusses his inspiration for writing the song.

In the behind the scenes video, Archuleta shares that the lyrics for "Up All Night" are based on an experience he had while visiting a family in rural Tennessee. At the time, he had been feeling lost and confused about how to move forward with his music. But his experience in Tennessee helped him to feel more motivation, inspiration, and confidence. In the video, he says hopes his listeners will find hope and greater self-assurance as they connect with the song:

“I know you’ve all been hearing my voice, but I feel like I haven’t really had the chance to say what I have to say. Now I feel like my voice is actually being heard, in a way, for the first time. . . . I hope that you guys were able to connect to a time [that you felt lost as you watched] this video, or maybe this video will even help you to get to that place and find where you belong.”

Check out the behind the scenes video below:

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David Archuleta - Up All Night (Behind the Video )


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