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Watch: How a rainbow reminded this single mom she wasn’t a failure

Cardin was driving home from taking a friend to the airport feeling like she was in a dark place when suddenly she looked up at the rainy sky and saw a rainbow—and that rainbow brought her a feeling of peace.

In a video from the “His Grace” series by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Cardin—a single mom who has been divorced for two years—shares how she found Christ’s peace. 

“I don’t think people realize how lonely it feels, juggling everything,” she says in the video. “You definitely feel different—in public, I think especially—whether it’s school events or just walking around the grocery store or at church, you feel different. And it’s a very lonely feeling, you don’t feel like you’re enough. You think, 'I have failed my kids, I have failed my parents, my family, maybe I’ve even failed God.'”

She wondered when the light was going to break through her time of darkness, and that’s when she saw a rainbow. As she studied the meaning of rainbows she found they meant peace and prosperity and she knew that it was a sign from her Heavenly Father. Now when life overwhelms her, she remembers the rainbows.

“No matter how fearful I might be of the future—I don’t know really know what life is going to look like or when I do feel lonely, peace comes. The rainbows come.”

Watch the “His Grace” series on YouTube here.

Editor's Note: This article originally ran on LDS Living in April 2020.

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