Watch: Jimmy Fallon Features BYU Poster in Hilarious Way on "Tonight Show"


In a hilarious bit on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon featured some of the worst signs across the country, and a BYU poster made the cut. While it might not be the best reason to land a prime spot on the Tonight Show, it's also nice to take a step back and laugh at our mistakes.

The flyer made national news with the ironic pictures of male math professors above the heading "Women in Math."

The BYU Math Department issued a statement about the poster, clarifying:

"Many of you have probably seen a poster circulating around the Internet from our Women in Math Organization! The poster featured the pictures of four of our department faculty. It was done with good intentions. It was not meant to demean women or be satirical. We value women in mathematics and their contributions, and work to promote opportunities for women to succeed in mathematics."

A female student who is a member of the Women in Math Club created the poster advertising an event they were hosting featuring BYU math professors. The Deseret News shared the entire story behind this unfortunate flyer that you can read here.

Editor's note: The full clip sharing bad signs contains some content viewers might find offensive. But if you would like to view thefull clip, click here.

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