Watch: Latter-day Saints Bring "Frozen" to Life in Music Video That Took 4+ Years to Create


With the release of the Frozen 2 trailer, many Disney fans are excitedly preparing to watch another Anna and Elsa adventure this November. In honor of the new trailer, Working with Lemons recently released a music video that has been four years in the making. After Frozen's release in 2013, the Latter-day Saint family released several music videos bringing the movie to life. Among them was "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," which received more than 488 million views.

Working with Lemons recently remastered this music video, refilming the middle sequence. Now, the video shows an 8-year-old Mia Bagley—who plays young Anna—and a 13-year-old Mia Bagley—who plays the teenaged Anna. Working with Lemons plans to refilm the final scene years from now to include Bagley as an adult.

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Do You Want To Build a Snowman - Frozen In Real Life - REMASTERED

Watch Working with Lemons' viral "Let It Go—In Real Life" music video.

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Disney Frozen Elsa Let it Go - In Real Life

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