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Watch: LDS 13-Year-Old Sings Heartbreakingly Beautiful Song to Comfort Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones


Thirteen-year-old Reese Oliveira, accompanied by Stephanie Boyd, recently released a new music video titled “Waiting for My Rainbow.” The video tells the story of a mother grieving the loss of her son. Reese’s mom, Suzy Oliveira, shared the story behind this music video:

In September 2017, my dear sister-in-law lost her 34-year-old brother (and only sibling). The shock of the sudden loss rippled through the community. The void and sadness that followed those early dark days still bring tears to my eyes.
As months passed, I was reminded of this song, “Waiting For My Rainbow,” written by a dear friend (Stephanie Boyd). The song, written from Stephanie’s heart, was about a 10-week-old baby of a mutual friend who was lost in early 2012. The song perfectly conveyed the sadness in my heart and the realization that no matter what I do and say to try and help my suffering family, I can’t make it better. No one but the hope of Jesus Christ can heal broken hearts and provide peace throughout the storm. When Reese first heard the song, she said, “This makes me think of aunt Kelsey.” I explained to her the story behind the song, and she immediately said she wanted to make a video.

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Waiting for My Rainbow - Reese Oliveira (written by Stephanie Boyd)

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