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Watch: New Video Teaches Why Religions Must Serve Together during Crisis


Fighting a pandemic would be impossible without healthcare professionals working in unity, but they aren’t the only ones who have seen the need to join hands. Religious organizations across the world have put aside differences in an effort to offer hope and service to the staggering number of those in need.

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An Interfaith Message of Hope and Solidarity

The Church partnered with two interfaith organizations in the Philippines to produce an inspiring video sharing how the power of solidarity among people of faith has and must continue to bless the world.

Tedodulfo “Ted” Argo, National Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue (Men) – Philippine Zone, Focolare Movement says, “Let us encourage each other to keep and enhance the new lifestyle born from this experience.”

In harmony with Argo’s plea, President Nelson has called for Latter-day Saints and those of other faiths to participate in relief efforts. And he isn’t alone in doing so.

“During this time let us be together whatever our religion would be in trying to address this situation. Let us be one in the situation of caring for the sick. In addressing the situation of caring for the front-line workers and giving hope to all peoples,” says Most Reverend Broderick S. Pabillo.

Venerable Miao Jing Shih, Head Abbess, Ho Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple adds, “This is a difficult time. We have felt from uncertainty to fear. From anxiety to frustration. From impatience to anger, yet this is the exact time to give trust, to give confidence, and to give hope. It is also the perfect time to practice kindness and goodness.”

Elder Aretemio C. Maligon of the Seventy closes the video by reiterating President Nelson’s invitation and adding his prayer that “this unique challenge will pass in due time.”

Featured image: Screenshot from the video.
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