Watch: Primary General President Camille Johnson shares how women’s voices matter in Church executive councils

In a recent Church News video, Camille N. Johnson, Primary General President, reflects on her experience serving on executive councils in the Church.

“It’s been interesting to me that they are interested in women’s voices,” she says. “Women offer a unique perspective because of our womanhood. . . . So we don’t all fall into one category either, and we bring to these councils our womanhood, but we also bring our life experience as women.”

President Johnson recalled attending her first executive directors’ meeting after receiving her new calling. Originally, she had just planned on observing the proceedings. But on that very first day, she was asked what she thought about a point that was being discussed. President Johnson compared that experience with other circumstances she’s been in.

“In the workplace, women have to push really hard to have their voices heard—a lot harder than you have to push here. I don’t have to push at all. People are asking, ‘What do you think?’” she says. “In my previous life, I had to work harder to have my voice heard sometimes. And it’s a privilege and a blessing to be able to participate in this great work at this time with a mighty prophet leading our Church.”

Watch the video below.

Lead image: YouTube screenshot

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