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Watch: How prophetic inspiration prepares us for whatever the future holds

In a new video from LDS Living, Sheri Dew, author of Prophets See around Corners, testifies that prophets provide us with precious direction and truth in a media-saturated world. Dew also shares an inspiring story of how a decision from prophetic leadership led to significant successes in missionary work.

Watch the video below to hear Dew's powerful testimony and learn how following prophets can bring joy to your life.

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Prophets See around Corners

Author Sheri Dew has had the unique opportunity to be in the presence of prophets, seers, and revelators hundreds of times, if not thousands. In Prophets See around Corners, she shares her firsthand witness that these inspired men are indeed called of God, and that they have the ability to help us in ways no other leader or influencer can. As she explains, “There is a crucial difference between prophets, seers, and revelators, and the rest of us; They have priesthood keys that allow them to see things we do not yet see and understand things we do not yet understand.” This is why prophets have a singular capacity to prepare us for life’s unexpected turns. This is how they can see around corners. As we study and follow the counsel of prophets, the trajectory of each of our lives will change. We will be protected from deception and prepared for all that lies ahead.

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