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Watch: Simply Three’s stunning arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ is sure to bring peace to your day

Simply Three
Simply Three performs their stunning arrangement of Amazing Grace on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
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I’ve been playing the cello for almost 20 years, and you’d think by now I would be used to the chills that come from a particularly good instrumental arrangement. But I’m consistently wowed by the creativity of Simply Three, and most especially by their recent arrangement of “Amazing Grace.”

According to Britannica, the words for “Amazing Grace” were written by John Newton, an Anglican clergyman and abolitionist who was formerly involved in the slave trade. The hymn was first published in 1779 without a specific melody, which was typical for that time. It wasn’t until 1835 that the tune we know and love today became associated with John Newton's famed poem. Ever since then, the hymn has become a beloved anthem in Christianity and beyond, and countless arrangements of the simple tune have been made. But among all those versions, Simply Three’s arrangement stands out to me. It took me away from the rush of my day and brought my soul peace, something I'm always seeking for.

The video opens with this thought about the beauty of the earth:

Light hurdles through time and space to give shape to our planet’s Amazing landscapes. Vast and diverse, these landscapes Grace us with their beauty as gifts from beyond.

Isn’t that beautiful? The amazing grace and beauty of earth’s “vast and diverse” landscapes are gifts. In Simply Three's video, that gift is enhanced by the trio’s stunning arrangement. As a cellist, I can't help but notice how the arrangement begins with a simple, flowing melody that naturally and seamlessly grows into rolling, soaring lines of notes. The music doesn’t feel contrived or forced—it is just as natural as the surrounding landscape. From the serene Bonneville Salt Flats to a lush green mountain side, the picturesque scenery creates a peaceful backdrop for the trio’s breathtaking arrangement, giving viewers a much-needed respite from the commotion of daily life.

I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way. YouTube user Kim Hoff left an especially thoughtful comment after hearing Simply Three’s arrangement: “Do not know why this landed in my circle this morning. I had not heard of this trio. I was not searching for this. After listening to the news this morning about all of the craziness in this world and feeling deflated before the day has even begun, this beautiful piece filled me up with hope, strength, and a reminder we are not alone. Shared it with people I love. ... Thank you for this beautiful expression of love and hope.”

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, light, or hope in your day, check out Simply Three’s video below.

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All Amazed

All Amazed is the first album from YouTube sensation Simply Three that focuses solely on hymns and sacred music. The group's passion for the messages behind these sacred songs is deeply felt in their exciting arrangements and masterful performances. By blending their formidable classical training on bass, cello, and violin with modern production, they bring bold and unique energy to foundational classics while honoring the original sacred melodies. New but familiar, it's safe to say you haven't heard the hymns quite like this.

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