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Watch: Tad Callister Gives Evidences of the Book of Mormon + How It Brought His Friend Back to the Church


In this LDS Living video, Tad Callister, former Sunday School general president of the Church, offers a beautiful testimony of and profound insights into the Book of Mormon. While we can seek to know the truth of the Book of Mormon through prayer and the Spirit, here are a few evidences of the Book of Mormon that can help us understand the complexity of this sacred scripture.

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Tad Callister's 5-Minute Fireside: A Case for The Book of Mormon

Get more insights into the Book of Mormon in Tad R. Callister's groundbreaking bookA Case for the Book of Mormon.

In this volume, best-selling author Tad Callister offers a comprehensive overview of many of the critics' claims and provides carefully reasoned explanations that shed new light on the discussion. He presents compelling evidence, both physical and spiritual, for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and invites readers on a spiritual journey that promises a witness stronger than any intellectual argument could create.


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