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Watch: Bonner family’s soulful performance of ‘How Great Thou Art’ from the set of ‘The Chosen‘

As part of the film Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers, the Bonner family has released a new music video for the popular hymn “How Great Thou Art,” filmed on the Church’s Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah, where much of season 2 of The Chosen was filmed.

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The video’s description shares a special message from the Bonner family:

Christ is the reason why we celebrate and we have needed his love and grace in this world this Christmas season this year. The lyrics to this timeless spiritual anthem remind us that his art confounds the wise and blesses the meek. We continue to be ‘in awesome wonder’ of his miracles. For every weary soul within the sound of our voices, we echo the promise that Jesus Christ can and will heal every broken heart, dry every tear and raise us all to live again.

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Watch the powerful new video below:

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