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Watch: The Church Releases Hopeful Easter Video #BecauseofHim


As we prepare for Easter this month, let us remember amidst the family parties, egg hunts, and bunny trails that we celebrate this special day because of Him—our Savior Jesus Christ. As the video description for a new video posted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints states, "The love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the antidote for every negative aspect of our lives. Because of Him, we can overcome sadness, despair, anxiety, hatred—and someday, even death."

Join LDS Living this Easter week as we celebrate the life and sacrifice of our Savior with a daily advent. Using our Instagram @brightly.beams we will be focusing on the events of each day leading up to Easter, and, through a brand-new video series, we will also focus on the events of Easter through the eyewitnesses found in the scriptures. Help us make Easter more than a day as we celebrate the eternal life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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#BECAUSEofHIM: An Easter Message of Hope and Triumph


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