Watch This Breathtaking Mashup of "A Child's Prayer" and "I Can Only Imagine"


LDS artists Loki Alohikea and Kelsey Edwards teamed up to create this unbelievably beautiful mashup of the classic Primary song "A Child's Prayer" with "I Can Only Imagine" to share the Church's "Prince of Peace" Easter initiative this April. 

About this song, Alohikea wrote on Facebook, "Battling depression this past year was one of the hardest things I've had to deal with. This Easter season reminds me that no matter how rough things are, I can stand up again, smile again, and most of all love myself again. He is the #PrinceofPeace."

Edwards also shared her own testimony on her Facebook page, "I know God hears my prayers and I'm so grateful I will see Him again one day."

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