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Watch: This touching song about mental health may inspire you

Abraham Thomas sings “Love Me Today” as the crowd lights the crowd with their flashlights.
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The Deseret Book Pioneer Day concert was full to the brim with unique stories of pioneers from all cultures and walks of life. But what the audience might not have expected to hear was the heartfelt story of Abraham Thomas.

Abraham grew up on the Wind River Reservation near Riverton, Wyoming. He shared with the audience that he had a hard life growing up, but that with the help of his mother, family, and Heavenly Father, he overcame it all and now shares his music with others. “If it wasn’t for them,” Abraham said, “I wouldn’t be here.”

At the concert, Abraham sang “Love Me Today,” an original song that captures his struggles with anxiety and depression. Abraham told the audience that, a few years back, he had attempted suicide, and that his experience during those dark times spurred him to write the song.

“I wrote it so that the song could be a light to other people who fight like me [with depression],” Abraham said.

Abraham shares his song, not for the fame, but for the message that no matter what, God will always, always, love His children.

As Abraham sang on stage, the crowd lit up the darkened sky by shining their phone flashlights, encouraging Abraham as he became emotional.

The lyrics of “Love Me Today” will strike a chord with everyone—even for those who don’t struggle with depression and anxiety. There will always be seasons of life when we can’t help but ask, “Why?”

According to Brynn Miller of Deseret Book Presents, Abraham “set up his song in a very real and vulnerable way when he spoke of his battle with depression, his heritage, his rough upbringing, etc. That ended up connecting with a lot of attendees, and so many stayed after the concert to speak to him.”

Find Abraham’s song in the player below and listen to his words—they’ll teach you about Abraham’s experience, but they’ll also strengthen your faith and hope in our loving Heavenly Father.

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