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Watch: Why Answers to Our Prayers May Be Slow in Coming


What do we do in the times where God seems silent—when there seems to be no one on the receiving end of our prayers and pleadings? This seems to be one of our most frequently asked questions about questions and it is precisely the question Jared Halverson seeks to answer in this new video released by LDS Living and Gospel Day by Day.

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Continuing Our Conversations with God: One on One with Jared Halverson

In the final video in a three-part series featuring Jared Halverson, an Institute of Religion teacher who is finishing up a doctorate degree in American religious history from Vanderbilt University, Halverson discusses our need to be patient when seeking answers from God.

Using Joseph Smith’s account of the angel Moroni’s visits and Joseph's need for patience as he received “instruction and intelligence” from Moroni, Halverson illustrates the point that we often have to receive instruction from the Lord over the course of time.

“That’s the pattern of revelation, if we’ll keep the conversation going,” he says. “Life is a school that’s always in session, but we students have the power to ring the closing bell. God will continue to teach as long as we are open to continue learning.”

Halverson explains that there may be purpose in the time and space between God's responses or His guidance.

“So during those long pauses between revelation, during the space between line and line or precept and precept, remember the experiences that Joseph had . . . that you and I have had and treasure the time with your Teacher,” Halverson notes before adding, “It just might be that He’s not ignoring you at all but rather giving you a chance to catch your breath.”

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