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How is your life different because you believe in Jesus Christ? 31 inspiring answers from everyday Saints

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When we asked on our LDS Living Instagram account, “How is your life different because you believe in Jesus Christ?” we had no idea what kind of response we would get. But we were nearly overwhelmed by the flood of your touching and thought-provoking answers, and it has given us some food for thought and strengthened our own testimonies of the influence that Jesus Christ can have on our lives. And we love you all for that gift. ❤️

Here are just a few of our very favorite responses.

  • I have peace inside when it's nowhere to be found around me.
  • I live with hope instead of doubt because I know He has a plan.
  • I have something that is forever consistent—Christ.
  • I feel joy every day!
  • I know that when my loved ones pass I will see them again and that death is just a beginning.
  • I have found rest for my soul.
  • I know that everything will be okay and that someone hears me, knows me, and loves me always.
  • I am motivated every day and do what I do for Christ.
  • I am a better person in every aspect of my life.
  • He has helped me to see the eternal perspective!
  • He gives me strength and power to do things that scare me.
  • I know I'm never alone and that someone understands me perfectly.
  • He taught me to love myself.
  • I strive to see the best in everything and everyone because I know He would.
  • I know with Christ everything is possible.
  • I have faith in everything I do.
  • He makes all the good things better and the bad things more bearable.
  • I have hope that I will get through hard things and know that God gave it to me for a reason.
  • I know when I make mistakes I still have worth and can be forgiven.
  • He gives me comfort that I can keep trying!
  • My life is less stressful and I cope better because I follow the commandments.
  • My life feels more significant and I feel more enabled to make a difference in the world.
  • My life is completely fulfilled.
  • I know I am a child of God.
  • I have the reassurance that I know where I'm going after this life.
  • I worry less about what I can’t control.
  • I know that families are forever.
  • I know who and where I can turn to for the peace we all need.
  • I don’t worry when things get hard because I know He is there and there is goodness that will come.
  • I trust His promises to me.
  • I can overcome the impossible.

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