​What Big Fat Mormon Weddings Are Really Like: A Story in GIFs


What with our skills in the art of Pinterest and our love of baking sweets, Mormons know how to throw some pretty epic weddings. But we also have a unique flare and distinctive style all our own. How many of you can relate to these Mormon wedding moments, as told through GIFs?

What your dad keeps telling you once you get off your mission:

How he reacts when you tell him you're engaged:

How your mom responds when you tell her the good news:

And her reaction when she learns the wedding is in two weeks:

When you tell your in-laws the reception will be at the cultural hall:

"You know, the basketball hoops, those are optional."

How your friends react when they find out you've known each other only a month:

And how you look when you say something corny like, "It doesn't matter, we knew each other in the pre-existence":

When you meet each other's family for the first time:

And learn you have way more cousins than he does:

And their names have far more letters in them than are necessary:

"Hello, these are my cousins Nephi, Nefi, Kaytlin, Ephraim, Aunestee (pronounced Honesty), Caitlynne, Celestial."

When the Relief Society is in charge of the food:

How you look after standing hours in line:

How you actually feel inside:

When your dad starts the wedding toast by telling an awful joke then defines the word marriage, as outlined in Merriam Webster's:

And when your mom starts by telling about that time when you ran naked around your neighborhood:

"Ma, I was two. When are you going to let that go?"

When you meet your great aunt twice removed who you haven't seen since you were four:

When you find out the Jell-O salad has carrots in it:

When your non-Mormon friends realize there is no alcohol at your reception:

And when your BYU friends realize you guys are serving Coke and Mountain Dew:

When your grandparents tell you they're expecting some great-grandkids in nine months:

At the same time BYU wedding crashers are trying to impress your bridesmaids:

How most people respond when dance music starts to play:

But what happens when the party gets a little out of hand (probably from all the Jell-O and caffeine):

When you realize your family may be loud and weird, but you're so glad they're yours:

And when you realize, a whole new family is just beginning:

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