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What I Thought I Would Feel on My Wedding Day but Didn’t


A few beautiful thoughts about love and eternal marriage from this post: "Don’t fear if you feel fear—it might not be you . . . And a simple way to tell if it is you…pray to fall in love and see if you mean it."

"A wedding day is the intermission of the eternal play that is our existence. It gives us a moment to just be completely present."

So…I’m married.

The scene that was the wedding day seemed to play out in a directed concoction of met and exceeded expectations.

The drive to the temple excitement, reception stress, hair problems, sheer happiness, craziness of actually getting married, tears of joy, laughter of a final dance, a humorously awkward drive to the hotel—they all appeared right on queue center stage during a perfect wedding day.

But there was one actor that did not play a part.

Not only was I surprised—but shocked.

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