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What is it like training both at home and on-site in an MTC? Missionaries share their responses

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Elder Clint Allen Jr. walks out of a home office on August 12, 2021, after a morning session of missionary training. Elder Allen is receiving missionary training at home prior to attending the Provo MTC.
Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

In June 2021, missionary training centers began welcoming missionaries once again for on-site training. Over a year before, the MTCs closed during the pandemic, becoming centers for online training so missionaries could receive instruction from home.

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Now, most new missionaries receive one-third of their training at home before traveling to an MTC for the last two-thirds of their training. Recently, Church News asked over a dozen missionaries who are training in this hybrid model about their experiences and what they have learned from them. Here are some of their responses:

  • “At-home MTC has taken the edge off of a tough transition. Studying the scriptures and Preach My Gospel for hours a day, along with classes and learning Spanish, is pretty mentally and spiritually exhausting. However, it has been an amazing growing experience, and being at home with my family has helped me acclimate to missionary life in a less drastic way.” — Elder Jarom Michael Moody, from Frederick, Maryland; Massachusetts Boston Mission (Spanish)
  • “One highlight I’ve had in at-home MTC is meeting with my friends and letting them see me in the MTC. I have loved talking to people about my experiences. I loved wearing my missionary tag when I saw my friends and family. And I think it’s cool that they have gotten to see me as a missionary in person!” —  Sister Langi, from Sandy, Utah; California Arcadia Mission
  • “It has been great being able to connect with my district first online because now I just feel anticipation to see them all in person instead of being put into a classroom with people I don’t know.” — Elder Clinton Calvert Allen Jr, from Chandler, Arizona; Maryland Baltimore Mission (Spanish)
  • “You get to see your family when you aren’t in classes and to share the material that you’ve learned in classes and studies with them. They see your shining example and see the change in you, thus, strengthening the Spirit in the home. Starting in at-home MTC is a benefit to ease into missionary work and life while still having the support of your family.” — Sister Araya, from Chesterfield, Missouri; Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

Read about more missionaries’ experiences with at home and on-site training at Church News.

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