What President Eyring and other Church leaders said at interfaith events this week + 2 devotionals you don’t want to miss


Editor’s note: “This week from the pulpit” highlights recent messages by General Authorities, General Officers, and leaders of the Church.

This week, leaders of the Church testified in several venues: from virtual interfaith events to university devotionals to sharing their testimonies online. They highlighted the importance of religion, faith, and holding true to covenants. We hope that their messages from this week inspire you to stand as a witness of Christ no matter where you are.

Interfaith Events

This week, President Henry B. Eyring and Sister Sharon Eubank spoke at the virtual 27th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium, as reported by Church News. Scholars, governmental authorities, and religious leaders from a variety of faiths joined together at this event to discuss the rights and responsibilities associated with religious freedom.

President Eyring stated, “We encourage government leaders not to unnecessarily restrict the rights of believers to engage in public worship.” He also highlighted a key goal of Latter-day Saint Charities: “We seek to help lift the burdens of those in need in any faith throughout the world.”

Sister Eubank discussed ProjectProtect, a recent humanitarian effort from the Church that resulted in willing volunteers making over 5 million masks at the beginning of the pandemic. She also mentioned the unique capacity of faith-based organizations: “Personal belief is such a motivating foundation for huge amounts of productive energy that are being given by people of faith and it blesses entire communities and nations in a way that other organizations simply don’t have access to do.”

Read more about President Eyring’s and Sister Eubank’s remarks at Church News.

Similarly, at the G20 Interfaith Forum, Elder David A. Bednar urged leaders from various faiths to consider religion and faith as essential to believers. His address, which can be found at Church News, includes statements such as, “COVID-19 regulations have often distinguished between ‘essential’ and nonessential’ activities and then treated religious activities as ‘nonessential.’ This completely misconceives how vital religion is to people’s lives.”

Elder Bednar also discussed how faith communities and religious leaders can be a helpful force for good in the midst of the pandemic by debunking rumors and calming fears. Read the full text of his address from the event at Church News.

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Other Uplifting Messages

On October 13, 2020, Bishop Gérald Caussé, Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke at a virtual devotional at Brigham Young University. Drawing inspiration from the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast,” Bishop Caussé discussed where true beauty comes from.

“True beauty is the result of a subtle alchemy and a delicate balance, which in large part comes from our personal inner light, rather than from aesthetic or physical criteria alone,” he stated. In his address, he explained how the body and spirit impact each other, as well as how both body and spirit contribute to one’s true beauty.

Read more of his remarks at Church News

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In a recent article for Church News, the Young Women General Presidency reminded class presidencies that their unique ability to love, serve, and lead is needed “now, more than ever.”

The Young Women General Presidency gave several examples of ways class presidencies have ministered to others creatively and effectively despite setbacks from the pandemic. For instance, in one ward in Denmark, young women play “‘the positive minute’ where they share spiritual thoughts and/or positive thoughts and experiences. The class presidents also use the internet to find small spiritual movies or messages to send to their groups each week.”

Read more ideas and insights from the Young Women General Presidency at Church News.

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Addressing Ensign College, Sister Sharon Eubank shared three ways Heavenly Father helps everyone overcome the adversary. She compares the challenges and journey of life to animals trying to cross a crocodile-infested river.

Sister Eubank highlights what we can learn from figures in the scriptures who are experienced in conquering the adversary, the priceless perspective that prophets offer, and the protective power of covenants. While sharing the analogy, she compares covenants to a boat that keeps us out of the dangerous river. 

“You may think your promises are just a small rowboat,” she stated. “But it will eventually grow to an ocean liner that can rescue hundreds of other people. Your covenants are about other people even more than they are about you.”

Read more about her recent address at Church News.

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