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What President Jimmy Carter Said About the 1978 Priesthood Revelation


Read the touching responses of black members of the LDS Church when they learned about the 1978 priesthood revelation by following the link below.

In its first reporting of the 1978 revelation on priesthood, the Church News cited the extensive media attention given and a telegram sent by U.S. President Jimmy Carter. But the report’s most powerful words were responses from black members to the news. . . .

U.S. President Jimmy Carter wrote in a telegram to President Spencer W. Kimball: “I welcomed today your announcement as president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that henceforth all worthy men in your church without regard for race or color may have conferred upon them the priesthood of your church.

“I commend you for your compassionate prayerfulness and courage in receiving a new doctrine. This announcement brings a healing spirit to the world and reminds all men and women that they are truly brothers and sisters.”

Lead image from Wikimedia Commons

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