Latter-day Saint Life

What's the Most Important Lesson to Learn as a Missionary

Of course, it’s hard to nail down something as “the most valuable” lesson learned on my mission when I learned so much. As I think back on what I’ve learned over the past two years, many things come to mind. First is scriptural knowledge that comes from reading, studying, and pondering. Then there comes learning by faith, which Elder David A. Bednar speaks of often.

Whenever we act on a gospel truth, we exercise our belief in that principle, and our faith grows as a result. Hence we “learn by faith” by learning of a surety that a gospel principle is true. For example, if someone lives the law oftithing, they will see the blessings that follow. They learn by faith that tithing is a true principle. As another simple example, someone can study a whole lifetime about the Atonement, but until they experience applying it to their lives, they don’t truly know what it does for them personally.

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