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When Johnny Carson Praised Latter-day Saint Dating Standards and FHE While He Hosted Donny and Marie


A 14-year-old, nearly 15-year-old, Marie Osmond told Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show that she would love to date, but she follows her family's rule not to date until 16.

That's when Donny jumps in: "That's a family rule, and that's also a rule set by our Church."

"I think that's a good rule. I really do," Johnny Carson replies.

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Not only does it make you appreciate the opportunity more when it comes, as Marie notes, but Carson continues, "I'm really not sure anyone is really ready for a serious one-on-one relationship until you get to be 16. I think youngsters start awfully soon."

Later in the show, Donny and Marie told Carson about the closeness of their family, saying the entire Osmond group all began singing at Family Home Evening.

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Along with a performance of "It Takes Two" and "I'm Leaving It Up to You," Donny shared some funny anecdotes about receiving engagement rings and chicken drumsticks in the mail as well as his crazy room, one with elevators and moving walls that was inspired by James Bond.

Check out this great video Marie posted on Twitter:

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