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Sad to see TOFW end? Start a new chapter with Magnify events, coming to a city near you

Join us at a Magnify event this year!
Magnify is a community for women dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ in distinct and powerful ways.

The year 2022 marked the 20th anniversary of TOFW! After two wonderful decades, it felt like it was time for something new. So, we said goodbye with a TOFW farewell tour and introduced Magnify.

What is Magnify?

Magnify is a community for women dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ in distinct and powerful ways. The first phrase of the Magnify manifesto is, “Let us be women who dare to live differently.” Through events, social media, and a weekly podcast, Magnify is a gathering place to empower you as a Latter-day Saint woman to continue to be the significant force for good that you already are.

We are women who, as President Russell M. Nelson said,

  • Have a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of Christ  
  • Know how to access the power that God makes available to covenant keepers and who express their beliefs with confidence and charity.  
  • Have the courage and vision of our Mother Eve. 

We are women who trust in our divine identity and unchangeable worth; women who have open hearts to learn from one another and understand how much each of us has to offer.

How To Be Part of Magnify

It’s easy to be part of the Magnify community. In 2022, Magnify launched a podcast about using our influence as women of God to make a difference in the world. Magnify also has a vibrant Instagram account—@magnifycommunity—which has become a community of Latter-day Saint women who encourage and inspire each other to be powerful forces for good in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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And this year, we’re excited to begin Magnify events!

At Magnify events, like at TOFW, you’ll find like-minded women who gather to reconnect, reset, and recharge. Come to fill your cup with inspiring speakers, uplifting music, and encouraging conversations, all from a central stage.

Plus, there will be fun giveaways, an event-themed notebook and pen for each attendee, and a meet and mingle (with delicious Crumbl cookies for everyone!) so we can get to know each other better.

In our everyday lives, there are so many things coming at us. A day at a Magnify event is an opportunity to gather as Latter-day Saint women to remember Jesus Christ is our answer.

These events are for women ages 16 and up. Bring your mom. Bring your daughter. Bring your ministering sisters. Or just bring yourself. We promise you’ll make new friends! We need each other. We need you!

You can register for any of this year’s events today.

Events to Lift Up Your Heart

Each Magnify event is designed to lift up your heart and buoy your faith. Throughout the day, you’ll feel energized with other women who put their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ first. Come and be inspired to act on President Nelson's invitation to seek and expect miracles—the miracles of joy, courage, peace, faith, and hope that we can find in Christ.

Speakers include Lisa Valentine Clark, Shima Baradaran Baughman, Kalo Latu, Kaylen Walton Nelson, Brooke Walker, and Taylor Ricks-Mele. Some of these names might be familiar to you, some not. Each of these women have powerful messages of truth to share that will help us know miracles are real and to seek and expect them in our lives.

And to top it off—breakout Jazzy gospel singer-songwriter, Emma Nissen, will perform!

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As with TOFW, our reason for gathering is the same: to lift and strengthen each other in the restored truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ AND to have fun while doing it! With Magnify events, we’ll carry out this mission in ways that feel both familiar and new.

Join Us Outside of Events

For those who can’t make it to one of the in-person events this year, the Magnify online community is a place to gather virtually with like-minded women of faith. Our hope is to reach all women wherever they are with these digital offerings and online community.

Subscribe to the newsletter to get refreshing email updates and receive a free digital download of the Magnify manifesto—a declaration of how together we can build a community, create connections, and have the courage to choose to live differently.

The weekly podcast shares conversations on how the gospel can help us navigate all aspects of our lives with joy and strength—from a child stepping away from the church to building bridges of understanding in our communities to navigating trials with hope and faith.

Follow Magnify’s Instagram account for daily inspiration directly sent to your social media feed. We hope you feel inspired to comment and share so we can connect with each other about the living gospel, and support each other through the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Magnify is more than events; it’s more than a podcast and an Instagram account. Magnify is you, and it’s your sister and your mom, it’s the best kinds of friends—a community of powerful, faithful, remarkable, dedicated women of Christ.

You’re needed. You’re welcome. Come join us.

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