Latter-day Saint Life

Why I am Grateful for Judgmental People at Church

Imagine for a minute you’re sitting in sacrament meeting and a 12 year old boy decides it would be fun to play angry birds on an iPad with the volume all the way up?

What do you do? Is it alright to say something to the boy? Is it alright to say something to the parents? Should you complain to the bishop? Should you just be glad the boy is there and thereby let him do as he pleases? If you’re irritated at the scenario…does that mean that you are being “judgmental” and “self-righteous”? Should we just mind our own business even though it is directly impacting and negatively affecting others?

Regardless of how you answered those questions, we all must come to grips with the fact that there are judgmental people at church. Really…there are going to be judgmental people anywhere you go. There is no church or organization on the earth that is free from judgmental people. But the real question is how are we supposed to deal with “all those” judgmental people at church.

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